Your Libra December 2021 Horoscope Is Here

Read what your sign’s 2021 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Libra personality profile.   

Happy December, you beautiful Libra, you. Last month, a chaotic eclipse cleaned up your love life for you. Lukewarm or unhealthy relationships fell apart so that new, sexy, exciting partnerships could take their place. There’s another eclipse this month, but first, on Wednesday, December 1, dreamy planet Neptune ends its retrograde and goes direct in sensitive Pisces. Neptune’s been retrograde since Friday, June 25. During this time, you experienced the somewhat uncomfortable yet necessary process of identifying the illusions in your life and then letting them go. Now that last month’s eclipse is over, and Neptune is direct, your job is only to date people who lift you up. 

As promised, Saturday, December 4, brings a new moon and solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Use this cosmic event as an excuse to stay offline this weekend. Eclipses create messy, chaotic vibes, and your inbox might blow up with annoying emails from coworkers. You can respond on Monday. Spend the weekend hanging out and having fun with close friends. 

The stars are busy on Monday, December 13. First, Mars, which rules fucking and fighting, enters loud Sagittarius and your 2nd House of Possessions. You took the weekend off, but now you’re ready to respond to professional emails firmly asking for what you want. This could be a raise or setting boundaries to ensure that your phone is only blowing up during work hours. Also, on Monday, December 13, the messenger planet Mercury enters hardworking Capricorn and your 3rd House of Communication, helping you find the strength to ask for what you want confidently. 

Saturday, December 18, brings a full moon in flirty Gemini. It’s the perfect date night, darling Libra. You’re notoriously charming, and usually have at least one lover who is enamored with you. Full moons are moments for culmination. If you’ve been waiting to sleep with someone or plan the first date, this night is ideal for creating a solid romantic foundation. If you’re already partnered with someone, reconnect by trying something new in bed

Circle Sunday, December 19 in your calendar. Your ruling planet, lover Venusgoes retrograde, where it will stay until Saturday, January 29. During this time, you might feel a little bit off of your game. It’s not a good time to make significant changes to your appearance, such as changing your hair color or getting plastic surgery. You also may feel lethargic in your romantic relationships. Don’t worry, Libra. You’re stronger than a retrograde. Consider working with a therapist during this time, so you have someone to vent to other than your partner when you feel frustrated. View Venus retrograde as an opportunity to sharpen your communication skills and patience. 

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