There’s a Reason Why Fire Is So Romantic

Whether it’s a crackling fireplace or a simple backyard fire pit, there’s just something about those flickering flames that gets you in the mood, right? But what is it about fire that makes it so inherently romantic? Turns out, science has been looking into it.

“Campfires and other types of fires, like hearth fires, seem to be multi-sensory stimulators, so they grab our attention through every single one of our senses,” said Christopher Lynn, an anthropologist who studied the phenomenon for a study at the University of Alabama. The researchers found people are more social around fire and also have lower blood pressure. “Creativity and ingenuity are important to humans,” said Lynn. “Having the opportunity to sit around a fire and see different aspects of each other is really important for social bonding.”

Cormac McCarthy

“Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.”

– Cormac McCarthy

Matt Rossano, an evolutionary psychologist at Southeastern Louisiana University, explains it this way: humans have gathered around fires for so long, that we’re almost wired to enjoy their warmth and everything that comes with it. “Evening conversations around fire largely involve telling stories, reminiscing about the day or the distant past,” he told The Cut. Fire also “tends to focus attention on the immediate venue and moment, thus helping to enhance one’s interaction with others rather than pulling attention to an outside source.”

So there you have it. Fire is mother nature’s aphrodisiac. Whether it’s a mere flickering candle or a roaring fireplace, those flames significantly relax you and provide an environment that cancels out any outside distractions. Conditions that are just right for getting intimate.

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