The modular Fairphone 4 gets scratched, burned, and bent for durability

While most modern smartphones are designed to not be tinkered with or disassembled, Fairphone is a Dutch smartphone company that believes a smartphone should be sustainable and easy to repair. The company even sells repair kits and parts directly to its customers.

The Fairphone 4 gets JerryRigEverything’s full durability test treatment. After tearing down the module smartphone without using a heat gun or yanking battery pull-tabs,, the YouTube host quickly reassembles the Fairphone 4 and begins with the testing.

Starting with the scratch test, the Fairphone has a Gorilla Glass 5 panel that scratches as a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7 of Mohs Hardness Scale. The frame of the phone is made of anodized metal and the removable back panel is made of a matte-finish plastic – which the host marks with his razor blade.

The phone’s IPS LCD display lasted about 10 seconds in the burn test and fully recovers before the bend test begins. The sturdy build of the Fairphone 4 is no match for the host’s bend test and survives with ease.


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