The Best Beard Brush for Robust Scruff

You wouldn’t assume this by looking at a beard brush, but it can transform your scruff. That tiny handheld tool can make a huge difference in how itchy or scratchy your beard gets. It can prevent things like beard dandruff and split ends. It can make it a helluva lot easier to grow a long or bushy beard, and can also help you keep things the right shape. 

But not every beard brush works the same way. Typically, they will help detangle bushy facial hair, while also distributing natural oils throughout the entire beard (similar to a hair brush). This prevents dry brittle hairs, beard itch, and split ends. Beard brushes can give your beard a fuller look, or help prepare it for styling, if you ultimately want to comb it neatly into a shapely state. Beard brushes also make it easier to apply nourishing products uniformly (like beard oil and beard balm). Some brushes have exfoliating effects on the skin beneath the whiskers (thus preventing beard dandruff) while also removing trapped debris and flakes within the beard itself.

Beard Brushes vs. Beard Combs

Most beard brushes have the primary function of detangling hairs and distributing natural moisture throughout the entire strand, to keep facial hair healthy. On the other hand, beard combs are best used to distribute product like beard oil and lightweight balm), and for any styling effects. (Combs tend to pull on hairs if used for detangling.) 

Simply put, brushes are for beard care, and combs are for beard styling—with lots of grey area. (Maybe it’s best if you pick up one of each.)

How to Use a Beard Brush

Typically, you’ll brush your beard out after a shower in the evening, to distribute any natural and applied oils. You’ll brush out a clean, dried beard from the bottom (at the neck), moving upwards and outwards—basically, make it big and bushy by sending it away from its natural growth. You can then brush it back down into place (with its growth pattern). This will distribute sebum and oils and keep the hair detangled. 

The Best Beard Brushes

The Best Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Cremo boar bristle beard brush

Traditional boar bristles are prized for their ability to distribute moisture. This one is 100% boar, 0% BS. A great brush at an affordable price.

The Nicest Beard Brush

Made with African wenge wood, this beautiful brush is every bit as showy as your beard is going to be. 

The Best Beard Brush for Short Beards

Proraso facial hair brush

A nylon-and-boar blend that is just tough enough for short-to-medium styles, as well as mustache taming.

The Best Beard Brush for Long Beards

Beardbrand boar-bristle beard brush

Traditional boar bristles in a long-handled design. 

The Best Dual-Purpose Beard Brush

Goodfellow & Co two-sided beard brush

One end for shorter beards, the other for when it grows out a bit. 

The Best Round Beard Brush

ZilberHaar round brush for beards and hair

If you style and shape your beard in the morning (with or without a blow dryer), then use this durable round brush to sculpt things into place.

The Best Travel Beard Brush

Every Man Jack synthetic beard brush

Compact and portable—perfect for the Dopp kit. 

The Best Heated / Beard Straightening Brush

Kuschelbär heated beard straightener brush

One alternate type of beard brush is this heated straightening brush, which untangles and lengthens your beard. Kuschelbär, which translates to cuddle bear, is your ticket to a longer, more cuddly beard.

The Best Mustache Brush

The length and width you need for your fuzzy upper lip.

How to grow a beard for the first time. Bradley Cooper with a full and well groomed beard.

How to Grow a Beard for the First Time

A seven-step plan to reach your fullest beard potential.

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