Rihanna Wore a Beanie to the Met Gala 2021

There are two people the world consistently watches for every Met Gala: Beyoncé, of course, and Rihanna. And there’s a reason Rih draws so much attention — every Met Gala she sticks to the theme and always delivers a viral moment with her outfit. Her presence is a treat every year: She never plays it safe, and has, as a result, given us some of the most iconic Met Ball outfits, ones that we’re still talking about years later.

Now, in true Island gyal fashion, Rih showed up later in the evening, but indeed it was all worth the wait when she climbed the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a giant Balenciaga gown. Or was it a coat? Why not both?

Getty Images

She complemented the extravagant look with a humble beanie hat, which was uplifted by what appears to be a jewel-embellished mesh panel peeking out from underneath. Now, whomst among us has not worn a beanie at some point this year — especially for those impromptu Zoom calls? It’s giving relatable wealthy queen.

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