Niall Horan Has the Haircut to Show Your Barber This Fall

Welcome to Grooming Gods, a roundup of the previous week’s most notable moments of grooming and self-care. 

Niall Horan in Los Angeles, August 24, 2021. Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

Niall Horan

After COVID hair, when it seemed like everyone was walking around with either a buzz or totally shaggy, this long-but-tidy cut feels like the picture to show your barber this fall: long enough to sweep back, but neatly cropped on the sides.  

Brooklyn Beckham in Los Angeles, August 26, 2021.Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

Brooklyn Beckham

Exhibit B in the case for swept-back hair with clean sides. 

Dan Levy in Los Angeles, August 24, 2021.Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

Dan Levy

One more swept-back look for good measure. 

Jay-Z in New York, August 26, 2021.Gotham / Getty Images


This impressive locs situation has been evolving for years, but it’s the cheeky facial hair that makes this look work. 

Tai Verdes in Los Angeles, August 25, 2021.Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

Tai Verdes

Another big look balanced by some tidy facial hair. 

Fran Tirado and Eric Sedeno

Two tier-one mustaches for the steamy dogs days of summer. 

Benny Blanco in Los Angeles, August 24, 2021.Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

Benny Blanco

If you’re looking to add some powerful louche energy to your entrance, consider curls with some shine. 

YG in Los Angeles, August 20, 2021.Hollywood To You / Star Max / Getty Images


Waves up high, skin fade down low. Very advanced. 

Cristo Fernandez in Los Angeles, August 24, 2021.Hollywood To You /Star Max / Getty Images

Cristo Fernandez

If you’re pushing through the awkward phase when growing out your hair, perhaps this can inspire you. 

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