Newer and safer Peloton treadmill coming August 30

Peloton introduced a low-cost treadmill last year, which was $1,800 cheaper than the original Tread+ ($4,295). However, the company had to stop its sales after it was discovered that its screen could fall off, leaving quite a few injured and causing one fatality. After the reports of such issues, Peloton had to halt sales of the Tread and recall both its connected treadmills. Now, the company claims that the issues have been fixed.

Peloton has announced that the safer Tread will be available for purchase in the US, Canada, and the UK on August 30th. Customers in Germany will have to wait until this fall to buy the safer Tread. The price remains the same, i.e., $2,495 USD ($3,295 CAD / £2,295 / €2495).

Peloton and the Consumer Product Safety Commission haven’t said exactly what was wrong with the Tread, whether it was only touchscreen loosening up or something else. Only 1,050 units of the previous-gen Tread exist right now, so it isn’t exactly a major recall.

To recall (pun intended), Tread includes many of the same features of the Tread+ in a more affordable package. It’s got a 23.8-inch full HD touchscreen, in comparison to 32 on the Tread+. It’s smaller in size, coming in at 68 by 33 inches, rather than 72.5 by 36.5 inches of the Tread+.

Both Tread and Tread+ have had issues in the past. This May, the Consumer Product Safety Commission warned owners to stop using the Tread+ if they had small kids or pets at home, citing “serious risks.”

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