Google Pixel 6 Pro camera features revealed by leak

Google Pixel devices are well-known for their camera capabilities. Google’s software enhancements make this camera one of the best in the market, even when the company doesn’t go all out with the camera sensors. However, the upcoming Google Pixel 6 series is expected to change. As rumors suggest, we could get a new 50MP primary shooter and other great camera features such as “magic eraser” and more.

It seems that Google will set new camera standards with the Google Pixel 6 series. According to recent information from the guys over at XDA Developers, the new Pixel 6 camera could feature a primary 50MP Samsung GN1 camera sensor, along with a 12MP Sony IMX386 ultra-wide-angle camera and a 48MP Sony IMX586 4X zoom telephoto camera. Still, this last sensor would be reserved for the more potent Pixel 6 Pro. On the front of the Pixel 6 Pro, we would get a 12MP Sony IMX663, while the vanilla variant would sport an 8MP selfie shooter.

This information comes from what seems to be an unreleased internal version of the Google Camera app, and it also reveals significant details about the possible new features that will come with the Google Pixel 6 series. For instance, they suggest that the upcoming devices will be able to support 4K at 60fps video recording. However, XDA’s source told them that the Pixel 6 Pro only supports 4K at 60 on the primary and not the ultra-wide or telephoto cameras, as these would be limited to 4K at 30. Still, he mentions that when recording in 4K at 30fps, users could seamlessly switch between any of the three lenses without stopping the recording.

Other new camera features would include manual white balance adjustment, magic eraser, face deblur, scene lock, and front torch. The first feature would improve the phone’s ability to capture diverse skin tones. However, this may only be a developer feature, as Google intends to make its computational photography models better when it comes to understanding different skin tones, meaning that the software would be trained to adjust the white balance accordingly.

Magic eraser is one of the most interesting new features. It would enable the new Pixel 6 devices to remove objects or people from a photo that has just been captured, but this is just an assumption based on the name. Face deblur would snap multiple pictures from the main sensor to combine them into a single HDR image. This camera would also have support from the ultrawide-angle camera to quickly capture sharper images. Other features such as motion blur, nima aesthetic, baby mode, and more are also mentioned, as well as hints of the 2022 Pixel 7, but we’ll leave that for later. Right now, we are just eager to see the launch of the Google Pixel 6 series to see what these new devices can do.


Source XDA Developers

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