Google could be working on not one, but two foldable Pixel phones

For years, we heard rumors that Google may be working on a foldable Pixel flagship behind the scenes, and we seem to be getting close to seeing it in real life very soon. New sources familiar with the upcoming Android 12.1 version claim the upcoming update will include several details and new features of a second foldable Pixel device.

The news was reported by 9to5Google, who also revealed the new device’s codename, “Jumbojack,” which seems to be a reference to the Jumo Jack cheeseburger from Jack in the Box. We have no information if the device has any cheeseburger references in terms of design or folding mechanism.

There is clear evidence that Google is using Jumbojack as a tester device while in development, and we can speculate that it’s the first foldable device to run Android 12 to date. Google is said to be testing “posture” to Android APIs, with posture being hinge positions such as “opened,” “closed,” “half-opened,” and “flipped.” While the device isn’t referred explicitly as a foldable Pixel, the company does refer to it as “Pixel,” which is the main clue here.

Jumbojack is said to feature two displays, one on the front and one when the device is unfolded – very much like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. It’s unclear if the device will resemble the Galaxy Z Fold Series or Google will come up with its own unique design. We also have no specifications for the display, device weight, and dimensions, so we’ll have to wait more.

It’s also interesting that apparently, Google wants to make the Pixel foldable to handle split-screen, much like how Samsung already does it on its foldable devices. We’d assume the company is either working with Samsung or is inspired by the great ways Samsung has managed to implement features to natively built them into the Android operating system, very much like what it has been doing in the past few years.

We’ve also heard rumors that Google may want to unveil the brand new Pixel Fold later this year, sometime in Q4, 2021. The device would boast an LTPO OLED panel, and it could be a 7.57-inch folding display with ultra-thin glass. Whatever the case is, we’ll have to wait as more leaks unfold in the future.

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

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