Gingham Pieces to Rock This Spring and Summer

Everyone knows that gingham is a staple in spring and summer. Besides being a fresh alternative to florals, it has clear appeal. The check is as classic as polka dots or stripes. It has a preppy vibe that is perfect for the warmer weather, but you can also find pieces to suit your edgier style.

From the runways to street style, it’s literally everywhere you look. And retailers are already ahead of the game. There are dresses, skirts, cropped tops and pants galore boasting the familiar pattern. You can even sport it from your tops to your toes. (The shoe selection this season is particularly stellar.)

Despite its universal appeal, there isn’t strictly one take. Some brands stick with the traditional smaller squares. Others space them out more dramatically. Either interpretation is acceptable to fashion folk. This is also one of those rare occasions when you can double or triple up. You can also mix and match. So go ahead and pair those classic checks with the wider versions. Opting for clashing colors in one outfit is highly encouraged.

So are you finally ready to hop on the gingham bandwagon? Then keep reading for some truly polished picks to add to your wardrobe ASAP.

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