Fossil Gen 6 unveiled with Snapdragon 4100+ and will receive Wear OS 3 in 2022

Fossil unveiled their Gen 6 smartwatch today with Wear OS and a new chipset. The watch comes with several internal upgrades over its predecessor and provides better tracking, performance, and overall experience.

The new Fossil Gen 6 comes equipped with the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ chipset. The SoC was announced last year, and it’s more efficient and faster, thanks to the new structure. Thanks to the processor’s design that will offload tasks from the main processor, it can tilt-to-wake faster and provide continuous heart rate monitoring, sleeping tracking, and other activities.

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The smartwatch will have a 1.28-inch display with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. There is a speaker, microphone, and vibrator motor as well. There are three buttons on the right side, and it has a rotating dial too. Connectivity-wise, it includes Bluetooth 5.0 LE, Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC, and it has the usual accelerometer, altimeter, ambient light, gyroscope, compass, and off-body IR. The watch also has a 3ATM water resistance level.

Qualcomm promises “85% higher performance” and 25% reduced power consumption, compared to the previous Wear 3100 chip that powers many Fossil smartwatches. Fossil also claims 24 hours of battery life “based on usage”, and there is also an extended mode that can give more days on a single charge, although many features will be disabled if you opt for that. Additionally, 30 minutes of charge will let you charge the Gen 6 up to 80%, which should let you wear it at night and charge it quickly in the morning before leaving for work.

The charging rings have also been redesigned. There are two half-rings of metal, which are held in place by the plastic case back. This should prevent them from falling out. The new design also allows for faster charging, as mentioned above.

The sensors have also been upgraded with a continuous heart rate sensor for tracking, providing more accurate results. A SpO2 sensor has also been added to track blood oxygen and sleep tracking alongside many new and improved features, such as step counting, calorie tracking, and more.

The Fossil Gen 6 is available in 42mm and 44mm stainless steel cases and sizes. It will start at $299 and $319, depending on the model you decide to pick. Pre-orders are starting today, and they’re due to be shipped at the end of September. Fossil announced seven new designs, while Micheal Kors unveiled four. The watch will receive Wear OS 3.0, although the company only revealed that it’ll be available in “2022”.

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