EFF pushing Apple to drop its CSAM plans

Ever since Apple announced that it plans to bring child-safety features to iOS, which involves scanning your iCloud Photos and iMessage, it’s become a matter of debate. While some say it’s OK for Apple to scan photos, since it’s for child safety reasons, while some say it’s a violation of privacy, including Apple’s own employees. This move even urged German lawmakers to write a letter to Tim Cook, and Apple has finally announced it is delaying CSAM scanning. Now, even the EFF, or Electronic Frontier Foundation, has written a response to Apple, saying that it is pleased to hear about the delay.

In the letter, EFF says it is “pleased [to hear that] Apple is now listening to the concerns” of its users “about the dangers posed by its phone scanning tools.” However, Apple “must go further than just listening, and drop its plans to put a backdoor into its encryption entirely.”

The letter cites that 90 organizations have “urged the company not to implement” CSAM detection on its devices. EFF fears that CSAM will lead to “the censoring of protected speech, threaten the privacy and security of people around the world, and have disastrous consequences for many children.”

“The enormous coalition that has spoken out will continue to demand that user phones – both their messages and their photos – be protected, and that the company maintain its promise to provide real privacy to its users,” the EFF letter reads.

For now, the Cupertino giant has delayed the plans of its CSAM launch. However, it hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility that the system won’t make its way to iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

Via: AppleInsider

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