Cures for Sore Muscles That Really Work

Best Cures
for Sore Muscles


Whether you’re suffering from aching joints, muscle tension or even swelling and inflammation, a top-rate muscle rub (or balm or cream) is guaranteed to provide near instant relief to that nagging stiffness. Whether you prefer heat or cold, or are simply looking to lessen pain, choose the one right for you and keep one on hand.

Arnicare Gel
Muscle Rub

Massage this homeopathic gel into your skin to help reduce any swelling or pain you may have—it even works to lessen discoloration from bruises. The best part? The fast absorbing gel has no scent and isn’t greasy, so you can even put it on before work or going out for the night.

$7.99 at Amazon

RockSauce Chill

Like an ice bath, but for a specific part of your body. This handy roll-on (perfect for a gym bag and keeping your hands clean) relieves muscle and joint pain with a noticeably strong 6% menthol that delivers instant cooling sensations to stop pain.

$14.62 at Amazon

Badger Balm

Rub this all-natural balm into your aching muscles to receive an instant shot of soothing warmth. Packed with ginger and cayenne along with essential oils of sage and cardamom, it may sound like ingredients for a curry, but the heat this rub generates on the skin helps blood to circulate, speeding up your recovery.

$9.95 at Amazon


When your muscles are tight and sore, a lot of that discomfort occurs when our muscles (along with the connective tissue known as fascia) gets knotted. Multiple studies have proven that rolling your muscles out with a foam roller substantially reduces muscle soreness while improving range of motion.

Beastie Ball

It looks a bit like a dog toy, but this small spiked ball can really dig into those troublesome spots. Runners like to roll the ball under their feet and we’ve used it on our backs and shoulders up against a wall. Plus, it’s perfect for travel.

$24.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Supremus Muscle
Roller Stick

Get a handle on your post-workout massage with this stiff muscle-rolling stick. Like a rolling pin, you can effectively apply pressure to problem areas, working out knots and releasing muscle tension.

$8.30 at Amazon

Vibrating Pliability Roller

Backed by legendary quarterback Tom Brady, this vibrating tool takes foam rolling to a whole new level. There are four increasingly strong vibration settings to cater a deeper or lighter massage and the pro-grade exterior with a range of contours to target specific muscles.

$160 by TB12 Sports

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