Apple Watch Series 7 specs leaked, ’cause Apple wouldn’t make them public at the announcement

Apple doesn’t usually share specifications of its smartwatches, and it didn’t reveal too much information at the Apple Event that was held on September 14. Fortunately, an internal document was shared on Twitter that shows what chipset the Watch Series 7 is powered by and more.

The specification sheet was shared by Twitter user @alixrezax who gave us an exclusive look at what to expect to see in the Apple Watch Series 7 when it finally releases “later in Fall”. It’s unclear how alixrezax got hold of the internal document, but now that it’s out, we might as well take a peek.

The specifications of the Watch Series 7 is shown next to the older Series 6, Series 3, and SE smartwatches on the document.

Apple Watch Series 7 Specifications, Internal Apple

The document reveals the weight of the smartwatches, which is now 32g for the 41mm, and 38.8g for the 45mm aluminum models. The Stainless Steel variant is 42.3g and 51.5g, while the Titanium will come in at 37g and 45.1 grams. The Series 7 will be powered by the S7 chip, which is now “20-percent faster than the Apple Watch SE“. We can see that the rest of the specifications are pretty much what we expected, and there aren’t many things compared to Series 6. 

The other difference is that the Series 7 comes with a 1m USB-C Magnetic fast charging cable, which can now charge the smartwatch up to 80% in just 45 minutes. The rest of the difference is mainly in the casing, which is now curvier and “smoother”, the bezels are thinner at 1.7mm and the screen is 70-percent brighter than Series 6, and the display is 20-percent larger. If you haven’t yet, we have covered the specifications of the Apple Watch Series 7 in more detail, and also covered the iPhone 13 mini, the standard iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max premium flagships.

    Apple Watch Series 7
    Apple’s latest smartwatch – the Series 7. It comes with slimmer bezels, a faster chipset, and a larger and brighter display.

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