23 Best Cyber Monday Cologne Deals 2021: Top-Shelf Scents from Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Aesop, and More

Cease your pit-sniffing, ye of mildly offensive odor: The best Cyber Monday cologne deals 2021 are officially here. And boy, this year is a doozy. Cyber Monday is always a little hit or miss when it comes to fragrance, but the grooming gods must be smiling down on us right now because there’s an unusually stacked lineup of scents on sale at this very moment. We’re talking perennial stalwarts from some of the heaviest-hitters in the game to lesser-known scents from upstart brands making the most alluring fragrances in the biz. And because we like you (and sympathize with your long-suffering friends and family) we rounded ‘em all up in one place, so you can start the new year smelling like a million bucks—for way less scratch than it’d normally cost. Keep on scrolling to make your picks from the best Cyber Monday cologne deals 2021 has to offer, and then check out our comprehensive guide to the all grooming deals you should keep tabs on this weekend, too.

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