17 Best Warm Jackets for Men in 2021: The North Face, Arc’teryx, Schott, and More

When the weather is doing its darnedest to turn you into a meat popsicle, you’re going to need the best warm jackets in your arsenal. Yes, that’s jackets, plural. To survive a truly foul winter, a man can’t survive on a mere parka alone—he needs options. That puffer you just copped will look fire with your casual clothes, sure, but how are you going to stay toasty when you’ve got an important client meeting at a fancy midtown brasserie? That’s why we’ve assembled this list, which covers the full spectrum of the warmest-of-the-warm, flyest-of-the-fly winter jackets. 

But what qualifies the best warm jackets as the best? It’s all about materials and construction. For down jackets, it’s always important to check the fill power—the higher the power, the warmer the insulation. (Rule of thumb: a fill power of 700 or higher is going to be the bare minimum you’ll want if you live somewhere seriously cold.) With dressier topcoats, you’ll want to look for heavy, dense fabrics: think melton wools, cashmeres, and mohair. Bonus points if your overcoat also features some tech-y protection from the elements, like a windproof lining or waterproof coating. 

The best advice we can give you when it comes to winter coats is to stock up often and early—don’t be the guy trying to find a warm jacket in stock the second week of February. Shop for ’em now, when all the most stylish, most impenetrably heat-locking options are still in stock. To get you started, here are 17 exceptional top layers worth bundling up in right away. 

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